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Welcome to ACD, Linking Canadian's to the Internet ...... and Beyond.
** ATTENTION; As of Apr 02 2002 all submissions must be directed HERE
Due to a few "Walking Talking Rectums" (for lack of a better word) we were forced to remove the submission forms because we are being SPAMMED RELENTLESSLY. The actions of a few will inconvience many. Please continue if you wish to submit a valid Canadian or International website. We sincerely apologize for this change but we hope you understand
Send This Info for Inclusion in the ACD directory.
  1. Your Name
  2. Valid e-mail address
  3. Website Name
  4. URL of above website
  5. Brief comment
You will be contacted after your website is reviewed. In the meantime you are required to DL the small banner above and/or create a text-link to us in exchange for listing your website in the directory. This is a small price for such a huge service don't you think?.
The Bragging Area
B. Thomas, Ontario- Thank you for including my site in your website design section. Search Engines just don't seem to work and now other canadians can find my website even quicker than before. Thanks ACD.

Dawn. L. , Alberta. - your directory is great. we need more canadians doing this sort of thing. i have a personal page about canada and i'm so glad i found you. ~hugz~ Dawn L (editors note - Thanks Dawn :)


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